A look inside the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill

The pretense of bipartisanship in Washington gave way to party politics during the passage of the latest coronavirus relief funding package. No Republicans have voted for the new bill in either the House or Senate, which brings total virus relief spending to more than $5 trillion. "After Stimulus Victory in Senate, Reality

The exiles: Hong Kong at a crossroads

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters with British national overseas (BNO) passports now face a stark choice. Do they take the opportunity, now open to them, to flee to the United Kingdom and start a new life? Or do they stay and continue to try to fight for greater autonomy from China? The UK relaxed

11 of 22 Chinese miners trapped in gold mine rescued

Eleven miners who were trapped in a gold mine for more than two weeks in eastern China have been rescued, Chinese state media reported. Authorities have been racing to dig out 22 people trapped underground in the city of Qixia, Shandong Province, since an explosion blocked their exit on January 10. The